Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set Review

Although there is a lot of debate on the topic, many countries and even the International Olympic Community believe that chess is actually a sport. It may not involve intense and dramatic moves, but it takes a lot of skill and brainpower to earn the title of Chess Grandmaster. Some games become very intense for observers who understand what’s happening on the board.

The game of chess doesn’t involve the use of many muscles, but it is every bit as competitive as any sport. In fact, training to be a competitive chess player takes a lot of time, dedication, and studying different moves and strategies. The best way to instill respect and appreciation for the game is to start early.

Parents who love chess normally want their children to start learning the game as early as possible. One way to get kids interested is to get them their own chess set like the Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set. Learn more about this product by reading our review below.

Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set Review

Features of the Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set

  • Board made using birch and beech wood
  • Handcrafted
  • Felt bottoms
  • Chessmen made using sycamore and hornbeam wood
  • Chessmen compartment inside box for easy storage
  • Keeps pieces safe and secure
  • Made and handcrafted by Polish makers
  • Exceptionally crafted
  • Display worthy chess set
  • Outstanding chess set
  • Board gives a classic feel
  • Design and structure appreciated by enthusiasts
  • Elegantly and intricately detailed pieces
  • Classy and simple aesthetics
  • Manufactured by trusted European chess set makers
  • Board measurements: 14” x 1.6” x 13.8”
  • Pieces measurements:
    • King – 2.8 inches
    • Queen – 1.9 inches
    • Pawns – 1.2 inches


In the game of chess, practice is necessary which means practice boards are common with many novices and experts. As much as chess players would love to afford the best of the best, sometimes it is not practical to spend a fortune on a chess set used for training and practice games.

Thankfully, this chess set looks very classy with its wooden board and chessmen but is still very affordable. It is the perfect practice set for children, adults, novices and experts.

The board and chessmen made with high-quality wood allow the Wegiel Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set to last years while at the same time still looking new and classy.

It also helps that there is a compartment inside the board specifically meant for keeping pieces together to reduce the chances of losing the pieces or them getting scratched and damaged during transport.

The compartment for the pieces makes the set the perfect travel buddy so you can always be ready for a game anywhere, anytime.

It is truly an advantage when you purchase a chess set that is carefully and expertly handcrafted by a trusted European manufacturer.

This chess set is a great upgrade from the usual cheap-looking plastic chess set. This European-made wooden set is an excellent choice because it is affordable, lightweight, and beautifully designed.


When it comes to this set, you cannot expect it to compare with the pricier options on the market—this affordable chess set does have its problems.

First of all, human error can result in a set with pieces that aren’t completely finished. Be careful as this can cause splinters which can hurt children. However, sharp edges can quickly be filed off.

Another issue commonly seen with the Wegiel Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set is how sometimes the hinges aren’t even which makes it impossible for the board to stay flat.

This is a big issue, but can easily be fixed by adding padding on the corners to make it more stable and to stop the annoying rocking.

Keep in mind that this chess set is a cheaper and more affordable option, so don’t expect it to match up against more expensive sets.


The Wegiel Royal 36 European Wood International Chess Set gives you some of the benefits of purchasing an expensive set without the hefty price tag.

For those who want an upgrade from their current set without spending too much, this chess set will prove to be a great choice. You can play with style while saving a few dollars.

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