Wegiel Chess Set – Consul Chess Pieces and Board Review

To those who aren’t very familiar with the competitive and challenging game of chess, it may seem like a boring game you can play using any chess board. Although it is understandable to easily dismiss chess because it requires a lot of silence and concentration while playing, those who love the game beg to differ.

There is a certain amount of pride that comes from winning a long game and it is only possible to improve your strategizing skills through practice and learning while playing the game.

Players take pride in taking care of their chess sets because most handcrafted boards and pieces are very expensive. Although it is the ultimate dream to own an elegant and expensive set many just do not have the budget to buy one. This is why European company Wegiel, a respected maker of wooden chess sets, has tapped into the market of affordable yet classy chess sets.

In this review, the different aspects, pros, and cons of the Wegiel Chess Set – will be discussed to give chess players looking for a cheap but well-crafted set a chance to see what’s in store for them.

Wegiel Chess Set – Consul Chess Pieces and Board Review Features




Wegiel Chess Set – Consul Chess Pieces and Board

wegiel Chess set
  • Board made of beech and birch wood
  • Pieces made with hornbeam and sycamore wood
  • All chess pieces are weighted
  • Bottoms of pieces are felted for better grip and easy glide
  • Hand crafted and put together in Poland
  • Board measurements 18.58 inches W x 18.58 inches D x 2.36 inches H
  • Square measurements 1.85 inches x 1.85 inches
  • Pieces measurements
    • King – 3.54 inches
    • Queen – 3.11 inches
    • Pawns – 1.77 inches
  • Beautifully and expertly made by Wegiel


Those with loved ones who are chess fanatics should consider this Wegiel Chess Set as a gift idea. It is beautifully designed and well made and the overall quality is impeccable, so both novice and expert players will appreciate it.

Another plus with this set is its size. It is bigger than normal chess sets which means it is easier to handle. The size is especially advantageous for beginner players and children because it makes visualizing the game easier, even when you’re just watching.

wegiel Chess set

The chessmen in the set are also fairly large that you won’t lose them easily, but at the same time, they are not so big that they are too bulky. The felted bottoms along with their weighted nature make them difficult to knock over during the game or when someone bumps into the table accidentally.

This is a big plus because many people complain about other Wegiel pieces being too lightweight.

Those concerned about the environment can rest easy knowing the wood used to make this chess set is made from very sustainable materials. Examining each piece and every inch of the board will also make you appreciate the quality that goes into making the entire set because it shows true craftsmanship.

This set is easily worth every penny you spend, as it’s high quality and affordable. It offers everything you will need for a new chess set to use for practice at home.


When you look at this chess set, you will notice that there are some consistency issues. This is due to the fact that this set is handcrafted, so you should expect some human errors and not the clean cuts you’d expect from a machine-made chess set.

It is also good to take note that this set does not come with extra queens. Be careful when keeping the pieces and make sure your children put them away accordingly to avoid losing pieces.

Also, take note that the storage compartment inside the Wegiel Chess Set is made with plastic and not felt. This may damage your chessmen if you handle them roughly while inside the board. Use caution and always handle your chess set with care to lengthen its lifespan.


The Wegiel Chess Set is one of the best choices for an affordable European-made handcrafted chess set. This is a high-quality board without the hefty price tag.

A definite must for both amateur and seasoned chess players. So whether you’re buying for yourself or for a friend, this set from Wegiel surely won’t disappoint.

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