Wegiel Tournament No. 6 Chess Set Review

Chess is an engaging and educational game that encourages players to think about their next move. Both kids and adults are challenged when they play chess and there are so many moves and strategies to learn that it can take decades to master the game.

Aside from the tough competitive professional chess tournaments, chess is also a great way to train the mind when it comes to strategic planning and response to the attack. If you’re not into the competition or the strategizing aspect of chess, players can also engage in friendly games between two people.

The game of chess is fun for everyone—players and spectators all find some form of excitement in the game. Parents who want to bond with their kids or give their kids a more educational playtime routine can look into introducing chess as a board game.

For those who are looking to hone their chess-playing skills, a chess set is a must. This review will cover all you need to know about the Tournament Staunton Complete No. 6 Board Game to see whether this is the right chess set for you.

Features of the Wegiel Tournament No. 6 Chess Set

  • Beautifully and incredibly detailed
  • Hand-carved pieces and board
  • Staunton Tournament standard pieces for weight
  • Made in Europe
  • Hand crafted by Polish workers
  • Pieces measure as follows:
    • King – 3.9 inches
    • Queen – 3.2 inches
    • Pawn – 1.8 inches
  • Weighted chessmen
  • Board measurement: 21 inches W x 21 inches D
  • Square sizes: 2.25 inches
  • Total Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Wooden box and pieces
  • Cream and dark brown colors
  • Non-magnetic bottom
Wegiel Tournament No. 6 Chess Set


Owning a wooden chess set is a dream of many chess players, but more often than not a full wooden set costs too much. Thankfully this chess set is an affordable option that is also superior in quality.

It is beautifully crafted by Polish makers and there is great attention to detail in the woodwork in all the pieces and the board.

This is a very popular type of wooden chess set for novices and beginners who take the game seriously and want a professional-looking set to call their own.

The Wegiel Tournament No. 6 Chess Set also comes with equal square measurement, a big plus for many players. It makes the board look organized and symmetrical, something many chess players appreciate.

The weighted pieces also add value to this chess set because they do not fall, tumble or outbalance easily which is important for any intense game of chess. Inside the box you will also find a handy plastic compartment, perfect for storing your chessmen.

These compartments allow you to keep and carry all your pieces without fearing that they might move around and scratch each other in the process.

It also helps that all the pieces adhere to the Staunton Tournament standards giving it a nice overall feel and look. What makes this chess set stand out the most is the high-quality board that comes with the set. It is expertly crafted in Europe and the construction is simply remarkable.

The surface is also nicely stained with a brown lacquer to give it a classy and natural finished look which earns it high praise for its aesthetics.


First of all, this chess set is for novice players who want a wooden set. Experienced chess players and chess set collectors will most likely find the product cheap and not worth their attention. Keep that in mind when considering purchasing this chess set.

The Wegiel Tournament Staunton Complete No. 6 Board Game is also handcrafted, so expect some human errors. Some sets may come with pencil marks or with the board not completely leveled.

These are inconvenient, but take note that this is an affordable wooden chess set option so you cannot expect the highest of quality in the product you order.

It is also important to note that although the pieces are weighted they are still very lightweight and have a slight tendency to fall off the board. Do not move pieces too roughly or bang on the board during the game to reduce the chances of the pieces falling over and ruining the game entirely.


For the quality of the chess set you get and the price you pay it is definitely worth it! The Tournament Staunton Complete No. 6 Board Game is a must-have for novice players who have always dreamed owning of their own set without breaking the bank.

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