Kangaroo’s Folding Wooden Chess Set with Magnet Closure Review

If you want a bigger one, you need to pay more. This basic rule for pizza, vehicles, and houses also holds true for chess sets. However, there are always exceptions to this rule.

For chess sets, that exception is this Kangaroo Folding Wooden Chess Set with Magnet Closure, and its size isn’t the only feature that will catch your eye.

Features of the Kangaroo’s Folding Wooden Chess Set with Magnet Closure

When you get this chess set, here are the features you can expect:

  • This uses the common folding board design for easy storage and portability. When folded, the chess pieces are inside, and then you take them out and unfold the board to play.
  • Inside, it has felt lining so that the pieces won’t rub against the wood. In addition, the pieces are also strapped in place so that they don’t move around.
  • When you open it, you don’t have any protruding metal clasps to deal with. This uses a simple magnetic closure instead.
  • You may have noticed not the affordable price tag but also the size measurements. This chess board really does measure 15.7 inches on each side.
  • The chess board also has a nice sheen but not so much gloss that it distracts from the game.
  • The chess pieces are all nicely sized as well, as the king stands three inches tall.
  • These pieces are fashioned in a variation of the Staunton design. They’ve been handcrafted, which means that you won’t find pieces exactly like one another.
  • Each chess piece comes with felt on the bottom.
  • This uses pine wood.


So why would you pick this set? Several reasons may stand out:

  • Perhaps the most obvious reason is that you don’t get an itty-bitty chess board despite how affordable this chess set is. It’s certainly big enough that you can get a good view of the whole game without straining to tell the crowded pieces apart.
  • At the same time, it’s not too big to prevent easy travel with it.
  • It helps that when you’re bringing this with you to a friend’s house, the inside offers protection. The felt lining keeps the inside soft.
  • Also, the straps for the pieces prevent them from rattling around inside. They don’t bump into each other, which may cause a part of a piece to break off. The designated places for the pieces also keep you from inadvertently placing one piece on top of another when you fold the board.
  • Many affordable chess sets come with a simple hook and nail closure. The problem with this is that you have several metal parts protruding from the board. So when you flip the board over to play or to fold it up, you may accidentally scratch your table. Fortunately, there aren’t any protruding bits with the metal closure.
  • No piece is exactly like another. The craftsmanship is actually good, since there aren’t any rough spots that weren’t sanded properly.


Of course, it isn’t perfect.

  • Purists may object to how the base of the pieces is not weighed down properly. For some, this may be a problem, especially in blitz games when fast movements can lead to knocking pieces all over the place. You may have to weigh down each piece with a washer, and then you can cover the bottom with felt.
  • It’s also annoying that some sellers say that the chess pieces are magnetized on the bottom. This simply isn’t true at all. The magnet is in the closure and not on the pieces.


It’s always a relief to play on a larger chessboard instead of a smaller one. That’s because the view is so much clearer, and you’re able to see traps and moves more clearly.

Also, when you move small pieces on a small board, it’s harder to move to another square without disturbing the other pieces.

With this you have a chess board that’s easy enough to bring with you to a park or café. Most of the time, pieces can get damaged when you carry the board with pieces inside.

They can bump against the board or each other hard enough to break. You won’t have this problem with this Kangaroo set. Your pieces stay in their place, so they’re safe.

This means that it’s always nice to look at your chess board during a game. The craftsmanship is good, so the pieces look nice and distinct from one another.

When you’re taking up a lot of time looking at a board, you want to envision your next moves and not spend time and effort double-checking that you’re looking at a bishop and not a pawn.

This is one chess set that really offers a lot of bang for your buck. Get this as a starter set for your kids or for your friends, and it can encourage them to play. If you don’t have a chess set yet, the Kangaroo Folding Wooden Chess Set with Magnet Closure is a good start.

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