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Hello, chess enthusiasts! I'm Edina Skoko, the voice behind As a mechanical engineer by profession, my world revolves around precision, strategy, and intricate design - elements that I find equally fascinating in the game of chess. My journey with chess began as a delightful pastime, a way to challenge my mind and unwind from the technicalities of engineering. Over time, this interest grew into a profound passion, leading me to not only play but also delve into the rich history and strategy of the game. At, I combine my analytical skills and love for chess to bring you insightful articles, strategies, and reviews. Each piece I write is infused with the meticulousness of an engineer and the strategic mindset of a chess player. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, my goal is to provide content that enriches your understanding and love for this timeless game. When I'm not pondering over chessboards or engineering blueprints, you'll find me exploring new ways to bring the beauty of chess to a wider audience. My blog is more than just a site; it's a community where we celebrate every checkmate and learn from every move. Join me in this journey of discovery and mastery in the world of chess at, where every move tells a story.